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Here are listed the different departments in the Embassy and the persons working there. This is for example where you will find information about Governance and Human Rights, Press and Culture, and information from the Agricultural Department. Trade and economic information, however, is available on the page “Doing business” (see top).

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Trade information

Here you will find practical information, tips, and links about doing business in Ukraine or the Netherlands.


European Union

The European Union and Ukraine have initialed an Association Agreement as part of a joint effort to further strengthen the ties and bonds between them. Here, you will find information brochures and reading guides.


Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kiev

Kontraktova Ploshcha 7
04070 Kiev

+38 044 4908 200

+38 044 4908204 (visa questions)


The Ambassador

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Word of Welcome


How to request a visa for the Netherlands and/or the Schengen area


Register when staying abroad

Register when staying abroad

Travellers with suitcases

April 11, 2014 U ben van harte welkom op de receptie die de Nederlandse Ambassade te Kiev eind april ter gelegenheid van Koningsdag zal organiseren. Om veiligheidsredenen kunt u helaas zonder uitnodiging niet worden toegelaten. Zodoende dient u zich apart te registreren zodat u per post een uitnodiging kan worden toegezonden, die u bij aanvang van de receptie dient te overhandigen.

April 8, 2014 In Spring 2014, a series of academic events regarding Ukrainian identities will take place in the Netherlands, consisting of three individual guest lectures (10th of April, 19th of May and 21/22nd of May) at universities across the Netherlands and a one-day symposium (7th of May) at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.


28 May 14 30 May 14

XIII International Transport Exhibition & Conference "Inter-TRANSPORT", Odesa

The XIII International Transport Exhibition & Conference "Inter-TRANSPORT" will take place in Odesa on May 28-30, 2014.

14 Oct 14 16 Oct 14

III International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA & Wellness "Healthcare Travel Expo 2014"

The III International Exhibition of Medical Tourism, SPA & Wellness "Healthcare Travel Expo 2014" will take place on October 14-16, 2014 at Exhibition Centre "KyivExpoPlaza" in Kyiv (2-b Salyutna Street). (Please, note that the date was changed from April 15-17, 2014 due to the political and social-economic situation in Ukraine).