Netherlands Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine

Governmental support programs

Dutch government

On this page you will find the governmental support programs that are open for Ukraine. As the information is mostly directed towards Dutch companies, some information may not be available in English.

1. Partners for International Business (PIB)

This programme is aimed at groups of companies, potentially in cooperation with educational institutions, who wish to jointly enter a foreign market. In this context, the programme works with a coordinated strategy instead of separate activities. With economic diplomacy, the government can try to take away trade and investment barriers, so entrepreneurs are able to take advantage in full of opportunities. PIB is a demand driven, flexible, and agile programme.

The input of the government focuses on economic diplomacy and supporting activities in the area of promotional activities, government to government cooperation (G2G) and knowledge exchange programs (K2K).

PIB is aimed at Dutch companies in the designated Top Sectors (Agri-food, Horticulture and propagation materials, High Tech, Energy, Logistics, Creative Industry, Life Sciences & Health, Chemicals and Water) and at internationalization strategies aimed at specific countries. The internationalization strategy can also be directed at international organisations. In that case, the PIB programme can serve to receive projects and financing from the international organisations.

You can apply for the PIB programme throughout the year. Please see the Agency NL website for more information.

2. Subsidies for Advice, Feasibility Studies, and Demonstration Projects

Through their rapid development, emerging markets are increasingly offering opportunities for Dutch exports and investments. Take advantage of these opportunities through the subsidies for demonstration projects, feasibility studies and advice ( demonstratieprojecten, haalbaarheidsstudies en investeringsvorbereidingsstudies, DHI). Ukraine is one of the target countries. DHI is aimed at Dutch SME’s with international ambition and interest in emerging markets.

a. Demonstration projects

Partnerships involving at least two Dutch businesses are eligible for a grant for showcasing specific Dutch expertise in the transition country. The grant covers 50% of the costs, up to a maximum of Euro 200,000 per project.

b. Feasibility studies

Partnerships involving at least two Dutch businesses are eligible for a grant for carrying out a feasibility study. The grant covers 50% of the costs, up to a maximum of Euro 100,000 per feasibility study.

c. Advice

SME’s are eligible for a grant for advice and guidance from an external specialist to help them position their business in a foreign country (for example, in the form of legal advice). The grant covers 50% of the costs, up to a maximum of Euro 50,000.

Please see the Agency NL website for more information.

3. Subsidy Programme Partners for Water

The Netherlands has a solid reputation in water management. To support the Dutch water sector to capitalise on its technologies and expertise internationally, but also to ensure that Dutch technologies and knowledge contribute to solving world water challenges, the ‘Partners for Water’ programme was established in 2000.

The Partners for Water (PfW) programme provides support to Dutch water sector organisations, profit and non-profit, that work together to realise their international objectives in the field of water. Partners for Water acts as a stepping stone for Dutch organisations that have the ambition to venture abroad and promote a new Dutch technology or approach. The programme has its focus at the heart of the Dutch water sector – organisations from within the water sector work together in the programme, helping to give it shape.

Ukraine is one of the PfW’s target countries. Cooperating Dutch companies that carry out innovative water projects abroad qualify for the Partners for Water subsidy scheme.


The subsidy covers the following topics:

• drinking water and sanitation;

• water governance;

• sustainable development of waterways and harbors (on the shore);

• climate;

• (water)safety;

• food and ecosystems;

• water and energy.

See the Partners for Water website for more information.

4. PUM Netherlands senior experts

PUM Netherlands senior experts connect entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging markets with senior experts from the Netherlands, each of whom has gained at least 30 years of experience in a business environment. These senior experts voluntarily devote their knowledge to the execution of short-term, solid consultancy projects at the work floor. By sharing knowledge, PUM helps entrepreneurs build sufficient knowledge to grow their businesses to the next level. This benefits local business as well as the surrounding community.

Their 3,200 volunteers advise 2,000 entrepreneurs annually in almost every field imaginable: from logistics to welding techniques, and from the hotel & catering trade to carpentry. PUM’s operations are funded by both the Dutch government and the Dutch private sector, based on the philosophy that a self-sufficient small and medium-sized business sector is beneficial to global development.

PUM-experts always aim to take a fresh look at any business they visit. They focus on business issues foremost, but also on potential environmental and social improvements, often without additional costs. Even better, sustainable solutions prove to save money in the long run.

See the PUM website for more information. 

5. Export credit insurance

In certain cases, business owners that export capital goods or services from the Netherlands can have their transactions reinsured by the Dutch government. This is designed for larger transactions with high-risk countries for which no coverage options are available on the market. You can reinsure the following risks:

  • Credit or lease risk
  • Manufacturing risk.

In addition to the export credit insurance (Exportkredietverzekering, EKV), there is also the Investment Reinsurance Scheme (Regeling herverzekering investeringen, RHI), which covers the political risks of foreign investments, like war and expropriation.


In order to be eligible for the Export Credit Insurance (Exportkredietverzekering, EKV), you must satisfy at least the following conditions:

  • Your company has its registered office in the Netherlands.
  • The goods or services are exported from the Netherlands.
  • The risks at the moment of acceptance are low (i.e. no loss or damages are expected).
  • You satisfy a number of corporate social responsibility (CSR) obligations.

Submit applications for the insurance throughout the year to Atradius Dutch State Business. This unit of Atradius coordinates government-guaranteed insurances.

Please see more on the government website or Atradius' website

6. Wegwijzer Internationaal Zakendoen

Ziet u kansen op buitenlandse markten? De Nederlandse overheid helpt u graag uw ambities waar te maken. Voor uw succes, én voor het succes van Nederland. Of u nu een startende of ervaren ondernemer bent op de internationale markt. En of het nu gaat om handel, investeren of innovatie. Een internationaal netwerk staat voor u klaar – in Nederland en in het buitenland. Wilt u weten wat dit netwerk voor u kan betekenen? Bekijk de wegwijzer internationaal zakendoen.

7. Zakenpartnerscan - Vind uw zakenpartner in het buitenland

Een persoonlijke introductie bij potentiële zakenpartners, speciaal voor ondernemers. Dan is de zakenpartnerscan van Agentschap NL iets voor u. Of u net komt kijken of al langer onderneemt in het buitenland, de zakenpartnerscan opent deuren naar distributeurs, importeurs, productiepartners of agenten in het buitenland.

Agentschap NL heeft een wereldwijd netwerk van ambassades, consulaten generaal en Netherlands Business Support Offices. Onze buitenlandse collega's kennen als geen ander de markt in hun land en weten hoe de verschillende sectoren daar in elkaar zitten. Ze gaan speciaal voor uw bedrijf aan de slag om potentiële zakenpartners voor u te benaderen. Aan de scan werken dus mensen die dichtbij uw toekomstige zakenpartners staan en doordrongen zijn van de zakelijke cultuur van het land.

Voor meer informatie, zie deze website of de brochure.

8. Missievouchers voor startende exporteurs

De Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland voert de missievouchers uit in opdracht van het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken.

Startende exporteurs die een (nieuwe) buitenlandse markt willen verkennen, kunnen een missievoucher aanvragen met een waarde van maximaal € 1.500.

De missievoucher is een soort tegoedbon. De ondernemers krijgen korting op de deelnemerskosten voor een handelsmissie of een collectieve beursinzending van een private partij. De activiteit moet te vinden zijn op de website Activiteiten die al door de (rijks)overheid financieel worden ondersteund, komen niet aanmerking voor een missievoucher.

Budget voor 600 missievouchers

oor 2016 zijn 800 missievouchers beschikbaar. Het budget is € 1,2 miljoen.

Aanvragen alleen vooraf mogelijk

De ondernemer vraagt vooraf een missievoucher aan voor een handelsmissie of collectieve activiteit. De activiteit moet plaatsvinden in de komende 12 maanden. Achteraf een missievoucher aanvragen is niet mogelijk. De waarde van de voucher bedraagt maximaal € 1.500 (exclusief btw). Reis- en verblijfskosten zijn voor eigen rekening. De missievoucher wordt op naam gesteld en is niet overdraagbaar.

Meer informatie.

9. Constituency programme of the Netherlands Ministry of Finance

The NL Ministry of Finance attaches great importance to good relations with her counterparts abroad. In a number of countries the Ministry also offers her assistance to support counterparts and affiliated organisations in their development and reforms, if so requested. Why? Because we feel that a strong and well functioning Ministry of Finance is of utmost importance to implement policies to bolster economic growth and employment. You can find more informaiton in this file.