Netherlands Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine

Best Practice: Berson UV

A solid, Dutch water treatment system in Ukraine

Every month, the Embassy presents an example of successful Ukrainian-Dutch cooperation in business. This month features Berson UV Disinfection Systems for water, a leader in the water treatment market in Ukraine.

Introduction to the company

Berson UV is established in 1972 and based in Nuenen, The Netherlands. The company focuses on design and manufacturing of UV-C disinfection and oxidation systems for application in drinking water, waste water and water re-use. UV disinfection is an environmentally and economically attractive alternative for chemical disinfection, providing protection against chlorine resistant pathogens and preventing formation of disinfection by products.

Berson UV has a worldwide sales and service partner network to meet the need for ultraviolet technology. Sales and service are provided by factory trained technicians who ensure that the highest standards of service are provided locally. Apart from above mentioned UV-C disinfection systems Berson UV manufactures a range of industrial UV-A insect exterminators, Insectron®.

Keys to success

Berson is active in Ukraine since 1995 and currently Berson Ukraine operates as the exclusive Berson representative. In 1996, the first Ukrainian Hygenic Approval was obtained and in that same year, the first UV system was installed at the Rosinka soft drinks plant in Kiev. Since then, more than 140 Berson UV units have been installed in Ukraine. The company’s clients range from the main breweries (Obolon, Slavuvitch, Rogan, etc.) to soft drink bottlers (Coca Cola, Rosinka, Mirgord, etc.).

The application of UV in municipal water treatment in Ukraine is growing steadily. In drinking water, municipalities are installing UV to provide protection against Cryptosporidium and Giardia and to prevent taste and odor problems. Evpatoria, Semferopol, Yalta, Cherkassy, Energodor and others are succesfully using Berson UV to provide safe drinking water to their citizens. Replacing chlorine with UV in waste water provides a reduction of operational costs as well as an opportunity to improve discharge water quality. Chernigiv is one of the cities that succesfully applies Berson UV for effluent disinfection.

A number of large municipal projects, both drinking water and waste water, are designed and engineered, and others will be constructed in the near future. Currently Berson UV is a recognized leader in the water treatment market in Ukraine: an achievement that was reached not only through the quality of the Berson product, but certainly certainly also through the expertise, service and customer awareness of the Berson Ukraine team, explains Lorenzo Polak (Berson UV Area Sales Manager, responsible for Ukraine).

When asked about Berson’s experiences with doing business in Ukraine, mr. Polak explains: “It is not more complicated than operating in other countries in the world, although I admit that bureaucracy is clearly present. Some layers of organizations do not dare to take decisions without approval of the Managing Director. Investing in a good relationship with your contact is therefore the number one priority. Another difficult barrier for Berson is dealing with municipal, governmental and EU budgets at the same time. This means that you must have a good, loyal partner, who knows the right person.”


To conclude, mr. Polak has some advice for others considering to establish a Ukrainian-Dutch partnership: “Select a strong partner, cooperate closely, invest in the relationship, and do not turn your back in periods of low sales.”  

For more information about Berson UV, visit their website