Netherlands Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine

Best Practice: Daxx

Dutch outsourcing success in Ukraine

Every month, the Embassy presents an example of succesful Ukrainian-Dutch cooperation in business. This month features the IT Staffing company Daxx.

Keys to success

Daxx expanded its business into Ukraine from Russia. According to Elena Golosinskaya, Managing Director of Daxx Ukraine, Daxx’ experience in Russia made language and cultural differences in Ukraine less hard to overcome.

The availability of highly qualified IT professionals was the main reason for the company to set up office in Ukraine. These expectations were fully met: “Doing business in Ukraine was easier for us than expected,” notes Bart Kuyper, Managing Director at Daxx Netherlands. Comparing his experiences in Ukraine and Russia, Bart Kuyper was pleasantly surprised. “There are these little things that make life that much easier: no visa requirements to travel to Ukraine, lower rental costs and less bureaucracy.”

There are, however some differences in doing business in Ukraine. According to Bart Kuyper, Ukrainian companies can be a bit less transparent and a bit more bureaucratic. “But as soon as you have built a good connection with a company, you can rely on them.”

Both Bart Kuyper and Elena Golosinskaya agree that Daxx’ strong local team is essential for the company’s success. “Ukraine people are well educated, good motivated, hardworking and fun to work with,” sums up Elena Golosinskaya. Daxx recognizes the importance of good relations with its local teams. The company organizes a lot of cross border activities to make the Ukrainian and Dutch work together as one team.

In addition to the partners Daxx already had, the company expands its network by visiting events co-organized by the Embassy. According to Bart Kuyper these events are very useful to build a local network, also with other Dutch companies in Ukraine.


Both Bart Kuyper and Elena Golosinskaya have some advice for other companies that are considering setting up office in Ukraine. Bart Kuyper: “Try to start via local Dutch or Ukrainian partners. This will save a lot of money and trouble.” Elena Golosinskaya stresses the importance of good relations with local staff and partners: “Invest in building good relations with your local team and treat your Ukrainian partners as equals as they are very motivated, skilled and hard workers.”

For more information about Daxx, visit the company website.