Netherlands Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine

Best Practice: Dekoplant

Dekoplant; the Ukrainian market leader in plants, set up with Dutch support

Regularly, the Embassy presents an example of successful Ukrainian-Dutch cooperation in business. This month features the joint Ukrainian-Dutch horticultural company Dekoplant.

Introduction to the company

Dekoplant was founded in 2003 by Oleksander Dusanyuk. It all started with Mr. Dusanyuk’s traineeship with Horatia B.V., a Dutch ornamental plant distribution company. He performed a market investigation for his partners, which concluded that there were no rosebushes available in Ukraine. Mr. Dusanyuk and Horatia B.V., grasped this opportunity and immediately pitched a pilot production project that would aim to fill this gap in the Ukrainian market. Dekoplant was founded shortly after. Nowadays Dekoplant sells approximately 1 million plants every year in Ukraine and has a share of 35-40% in the market of hobby plants.

Keys to success

According to Mr. Dusanyuk, there are three factors that have determined Dekoplant’s success. In the first place, the market situation in Ukraine was favourable. Dekoplant provided the Ukrainian market with the right product at the right time. The demand for packed decorative plants proved to be high, which allowed Dekoplant to develop further.

A second factor was the hard work of the company’s management team. In the entire period Dekoplant has been active, its management team demonstrated high professionalism and confidence in the work they were doing. A certain structure was created and responsibilities were delegated within a team of hard working and motivated people. Teamwork was of key importance in developing a successful business.

Lastly, Mr. Dusanyuk attributes Dekoplant’s successes to its strong relationship and co-ordination with the Dutch partners. Initially, Dekoplant was a pilot project by a recent graduate with little experience. Starting up a new business for the Ukrainian market was risky, but the Dutch partners provided valuable technological, advisory and financial support nonetheless. The partners and shareholders of Dekoplant have a certain influence on the main direction of the company, but do not interfere in the regular activities that are conducted by the team. This allows the management to concentrate on the realization of their tasks and to lead the company without constraints. The Dutch partners furthermore assisted Dekoplant in upholding a high level of discipline, by introducing a strict system of planning and reporting. According to Mr. Dusanyuk, this is a unique aspect of the Dutch business culture that has given Dekoplant certain advantages on the Ukrainian market.

On the right, dressed in orange, is mr. Dusanyuk

A word of advice

Mr. Dusanyuk recommends new entrepreneurs to be honest, open and realistic: “Set realistic goals, even if this doesn’t look perfect. It is much better to realize what you expected and planned, than to promise too much and not keep your word”. Also, he stresses the importance of working hard, being flexible and doing part of the job yourself. “Keep on studying and looking for new ways to improve your business”. Finally, finding the right partners and investing in your relationships is of vital importance in developing a successful business. In Mr. Dusanyuk’s case, the strong ties with the Dutch partner were an essential part of Dekoplant’s success.


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