Netherlands Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine

Resources and links


1. Starting points

On the website of Holland Trade you will find information about trading with the Netherlands and its main sectors. Information focused on investment opportunities and procedures is available through the website of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA). Finally, you may consider orienting yourself on the website of Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). This institution is a division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and can serve as your first point of contact in establishing partnerships in the Netherlands.

2. How to find an agent or business partner

There are several ways to finding an agent or business partner in the Netherlands. A good starting point is the Association of Intermediaries (‘Verbond van Nederlandse Tussenpersonen’), which is the association for the self-employed commercial agent, importer and broker in The Netherlands. Their website, mailings, and magazines bring together manufacturers and Dutch agents and importers. A second option is the Netherlands Enterprise Agency website, where under 'Business leads', Ukrainian companies looking for agents, distributors, partners can be announced.

In addition, the following databases and directories can help with finding a suitable business partner in the Netherlands:

3. Trade fairs

Trade fairs often welcome international companies and are an important way of meeting new partners in international trade and business. It is often possible to access the exhibitor list on the website of the trade fair, to get in contact with potential business partners and schedule appointments before the actual event. The following websites contain information on trade fairs and exhibitions in the Netherlands.

4. Trade magazines    

When looking for business partners in the Netherlands it is worthwhile considering advertising in professional trade magazines. An overview of trade magazines is often available through the relevant trade association.

5. Trade associations    

Trade associations distribute important market information, for instance statistical information and information on distribution channels. In many cases, this information is free to download from the website, which often includes contact details of its members. The majority of trade associations distribute newsletters to their members and other subscribers. It is common for companies to advertise their products or services or to find an agent or distributor through trade associations’ newsletters. A complete list of branch organisations in the Netherlands is available on the website of Answers for Business.

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (‘Kamer van Koophandel, KVK’) is able to provide you with information about trade associations and branch organisations, as it manages the trade register and has 50 offices spread throughout the Netherlands. The various chambers operate independently and employ expert staff such as international trade consultants. Their services are directed to companies just starting their import or export activities as well as to those with years of experience in doing business abroad.

6. Starting and doing business in the Netherlands

7. Exporting to the EU

In 2015 the government of the Netherlands supported an export promotion project in Ukraine, focusing on the products with significant export potential in the context of the EU market. Such products were identified in a research that resulted in a comprehensive Value Chain Analysis of five production sectors: apparel; footwear; fresh fruit and vegetables; processed fruit, berries and vegetables; air or vacuum pumps, compressors and ventilation systems. Outcome of the study, presented to companies in the respective sectors, in also available here.

8. Facts & figures

For specific facts, figures and forecasts regarding the Dutch economy, please visit these websites:

9. Translation services

A list of sworn translators (Dutch, Ukrainian, Russian) is available here.

10. Other resources