Netherlands Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine


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1 Reforms Remain Essential: Take Responsibility

On 10 December 2015 H.E. Ambassador Kees Klompenhouwer delivered a speech during traditional Christmas reception for Dutch companies at the Embassy

2 The Benelux Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Kiev on November, 23

On 23 November minister Koenders paid a visit to Kiev, where together with his Benelux colleagues he discussed the progress of the reforms agenda with the Ukrainian government. “The Netherlands will benefit from a stable and prosperous Ukraine, that is capable enough to settle conflicts in a peaceful manner”.

3 The Benelux Ministers Will Visit Ukraine

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg will visit the capital of Ukraine, Kiev on Monday, 23 November. During the visit the ministers will discuss the situation in the country as well as foster reforms. ‘There is instability close to the EU borders. Ukraine is tackling many issues. Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and the EU stand ready to help Ukraine’, - said the Belgian minister Didier Reynders before the visit.

6 Budget Day (Prince's Day)

On the third Tuesday in September (Prince's Day), the Minister of Finance presented the National Budget and the Budget Memorandum to the House of Representatives.

7 Koenders: Today’s crises require flexible diplomacy

According to Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders, ‘There are no quick fixes for today’s challenges: we will have to work long and hard, at international level, to find permanent solutions to the sources of conflict around us.’ The Minister made these remarks in his 2016 policy agenda, adding, ‘This will require dynamic and flexible diplomacy, choices and innovative use of resources, as well as collaboration in old and new coalitions. International diplomacy is working at full capacity, which puts a lot of strain on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but it is vital for our security and prosperity.’

8 MH-17 Commemoration concert in Kyiv

Last Friday night, a commemoration concert for MH-17 took place in Kyiv.

9 Report Seminar "Awareness of Change" on 2 July 2015

On 2 July, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine organized the seminar “Awareness of Change. Which trends are shaping the future?”. The aim of the trends seminar was to hear the voice of experts on the topic of changes at different levels. The speakers were Zuzanna Skalska, Tetiana Sytnyk and Maskim Maskliakivsky. The seminar was attended by around 50 Dutch companies that operate in Ukraine.

10 Biometric data collection

From 23 June 2015: Changes in Schengen visa application process