Netherlands Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine

Outcome Referendum Association Agreement

The advisory referendum that was held in the Netherlands on the association agreement between the EU and Ukraine on April 6 resulted in 61% of the voters voting against, despite the fact that the government strongly, repeatedly and consistently spoke out in favour of this agreement and emphasized the importance of the agreement for the EU, for Ukraine, as well as for the Netherlands.

This result is a disappointment, but given the outcome, the Dutch government cannot just proceed now with ratification as if nothing happened.

The government is deliberating on the outcome and has entered into a discussion with parliament. A step by step approach is now required, of which consulting with our European partners, and with Ukraine is a crucial part. At present all options are still on the table. We have not excluded anything, nor voiced a preference for a certain solution.

The government is working towards finding a solution acceptable to all parties involved and that answers to the concerns expressed in the debate preceding the referendum.