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1 Dutch government on outcome referendum

Today the Dutch government has sent a letter to parliament in answer to the outcome of the referendum on the Association Agreement with Ukraine.

2 Response Dutch PM Rutte on first results criminal investigation MH17

This morning the families of the victims of the MH17 disaster were briefed by the Joint Investigation Team on the initial findings of the criminal investigation into the downing of flight MH17. These findings concern the weapon used to down flight MH17, the location from which it was fired and the Buk missile system’s route of transport.

3 Ukraine returns stolen paintings to Westfries Museum

The Ukrainian authorities returned five Dutch paintings to the Westfries Museum on Friday. The handover took place at the Dutch Embassy in Kyiv. Museum director Ad Geerdink was there to receive the artworks in person.

4 Ambassador's Visit to Kherson and Oktyabrsk 10-13 October 2016

On 10-13 October 2016 H.E. Ambassador Kees Klompenhouwer goes on a visit to Kherson and Oktyabrsk to open up opportunities for Dutch-Ukrainian cooperation in infrastructure.

5 Dutch Dairy Day

The Dutch Dairy Day (DDD) is an annual event dedicated for cooperation in Dairy sector between the Netherlands and Ukraine. The Netherlands is one of the most productive dairy countries in the world and has a global network in sales. As example worldwide, Campina-Friesland and Rabobank are the main players in the sector. Another point of interest is both companies are cooperatives. The Netherlands has a lot of expertise and equipment to offer. Ukraine on the other hand has a long term experience as dairy producer and has the ambition to become a big player in the global dairy market.

6 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Best Business Eco-solutions Seminar

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine invites you to attend the seminar “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Best Business Eco-solutions” to be held at 14.00 on Friday, 15 July 2016, at the office of the company Symphony Solutions (address: 2 B, Naukova str., Lviv)

7 Outcome Referendum Association Agreement

The advisory referendum that was held in the Netherlands on the association agreement between the EU and Ukraine on April 6 resulted in 61% of the voters voting against, despite the fact that the government strongly, repeatedly and consistently spoke out in favour of this agreement and emphasized the importance of the agreement for the EU, for Ukraine, as well as for the Netherlands.

8 Call for tender – ERIN Specific Action

The Dutch Repatriation and Departure Service of the Ministry of Security and Justice, on behalf of all ERIN partner countries, has launched a tender for a public contract for counselling and referral services to citizens who return to their countries of origin.

9 Ambassador's Speech on the Occasion of the King's Day

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Excellences, Distinguished Guests, It is an honour and great pleasure to see you all at the celebration of the Dutch National Day in honour of the birthday of King Willem-Alexander. Шановні добродії! Радий вітати Bас на цьому вечорі з нагоди дня народження Короля Нідерландів Віллема Олександра.

10 Advisory referendum – reaction Dutch government

On 6 April 2016 an advisory referendum was held in the Netherlands on the EU-association agreement with Ukraine.