Netherlands Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine


Contact information

Here are listed the different departments in the Embassy and the persons working there. This is for example where you will find information about Governance and Human Rights, Press and Culture, and information from the Agricultural Department. Trade and economic information, however, is available on the page “Doing business” (see top). Finally are listed the holidays on which the Embassy is closed.


Mr.  K.J.R. (Kees) Klompenhouwer (Ambassador)
Mrs. M. (Maaike) van Koldam (Counsellor)

Economic Cluster (Economic, Trade and Agriculture)

Head: Mrs. R. Bus (First Secretary)

Deputy Head: Mrs. A.A.M. Dunselman (Second Secretary)

Mrs. Carolien Spaans (Agricultural Counsellor)

Press, Public Diplomacy, Culture & Education

Contact person: Mrs. A.A.M. Dunselman (Second Secretary)

Governance and Human Rights

Head: Mrs. R. Bus (First Secretary)

         Mr. A.Versluis (First Secretary)

Consular Affairs

Head: Mrs. Y.W.M. Bijlmakers-Daamen (Attaché)

           Mrs. C.J. Sdlingschröder (Attaché)

General and Administrative Affairs

Head: Mrs. Y.W.M. Bijlmakers-Daamen (Attaché)