Netherlands Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine

Economic Cluster (Economic, Trade and Agriculture)

Economic Cluster of the Netherlands Embassy in Kiev comprises of Economic and Agricultural Teams

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1. General information

1.1. Staff members Economic Cluster

Mrs. Riny Bus (First Secretary, Head of Economic Affairs)
Economic Team Agricultural Team

Mrs. Astrid Dunselman

(Second Secretary, Deputy Head of Economic Affairs)

Mrs. Carolien Spaans

(Agricultural Counsellor)

Mrs. Victoria Tarasenko

(Senior Economic Officer)

Ms. Alina Bilan

(Senior Agriculture Economics Officer)

Policy dialogue, market access, first contact topsector AgroFood (Livestock, food quality)

Mrs. Olga Bondarenko

(Economic Officer)

Ms. Kateryna Tushynska

(Management Assistant)

First contact topsector Horticulture and Seed Materials, B2B activities, CRM and financial adminstration


1.2. Contact information

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Economic Cluster
Kontraktova Ploshcha 7
01901 Kiev, Ukraine
Tel: +38 044 4908 200
Fax: +38 044 4908 209

Economic Team Agricultural Team

(please direct your questions to us in English)

Dutch companies which have an interest in doing business in the Lviv region can contact the Netherlands Consulate.

1.3 What the Economic Team can do for you

The Economic Team’s primary tasks are to promote economic relations and trade between the Netherlands and Ukraine, and to assist Dutch companies that are interested in the Ukrainian market. We inform Dutch companies about the market, business climate, rules and regulations, specific business opportunities, public tenders, and help them when they have specific problems. The Economic Team also informs the Ukrainian public about the Dutch economy and business opportunities in the Netherlands.

The services that the Economic Team can offer are, for example:

  • providing information on doing business in Ukraine;
  • facilitating contacts with local companies and governmental organisations;
  • providing contact details of potential business partners;
  • assisting the organisation of trade missions and promotional activities, such as trade fairs.

You can find answers to the frequently asked questions here. If you have any remaining questions, please feel free to write us an email at (please direct your questions to us in English). For questions related to agriculture, please contact our Agricultural Team.

For information about doing business with Ukraine or the Netherlands, please refer to our separate portal “ Doing business”.

1.4 What the Agricultural Team can do for you

The Agricultural Team of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands represents the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs in Ukraine. The Agricultural Team functions as a liaison between the Dutch agriculture, food and agribusiness, fisheries and nature and their respective counterparts in Ukraine. The Team also stimulates co-operation in the field of agricultural, educational and research institutions between the Netherlands and Ukrainian counterparts.

Main goals of the Agricultural Team are:

  • Promotion of Dutch agribusiness and services to Ukraine (programme of economic co-operation);
  • Survey of the market concerning agricultural and agro-political development, products and, regions (for overview of publications, please see our Publications page);
  • Information services for the Dutch companies working in the field of agriculture, nature and food quality;
  • Providing information to Dutch companies on veterinary and phytosanitary requirements related to import procedures;
  • Facilitating bilateral cooperation. Our activity agenda:

Policy dialogue with governmental institutions. Topics: Food security, market access, rural development, land reform, nature and sustainability.

Support to activities of Dutch-Ukrainian Working Group on Agriculture.

Support to public-private partnership especially in:

  • Potato sector
  • Horticulture (including greenhouses)
  • Dairy sector
  • Biomass and Biobased economy.

Additional information concerning agriculture in the Netherlands and cooperation with Ukraine can be obtained in English on the website of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and on the site


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